natures voice

moments in time

As I sit and stare out into the world,

I can't help but notice the grey clouds 

Hanging above, it feels as if they are here

because of me


Emotion swelling up inside 

I need to hold it back for I am a man,

As my mind wonders to a place

I know I'd find you, I feel something warm 

Roll down my cheek, I can't bring myself 

To look cause I fear I know what is


As I stare I notice rain drops falling, 

As if I'm connected to mother nature

And she can feel my pain,

How hard I've tried to hide this from her view,

But all I know is this is because of you


I wipe my wet cheeks

Maybe I can hide this all 

Even though it's been a week now

Already im drifting again to a place

Where you still remain my heart fills 

With laughter a warm feeling I must



I stare out into the world again,

I see what seems to be

Rays of light peeking, through

The sadness that still remains

How is it, that she knows 

What I'm feeling

Can she see you in the deepest

Part of my heart


The part that has cemented you 

There, for a lifetime still to come

It feels like she's telling me

It's you, the one I need to wait for

It's nature's way of telling me its you

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a.griffiths57's picture

    Somber poem but



Somber poem but marvellously written and expressed. The reader is realy drawn into your memories of a relationship. Lovely!