Pray For Me, Too

"Yet saints their watch are keeping,
"Their cry goes up, 'How long'"?

---Samuel J Stone, "The Church's One Foundation"


Too many unpaid bills;

too many health-threatening ills;

and always something in the house to go wrong:

problems come in like a bumper crop;

another shoe always waiting to drop.

In this ever compounding need,

I can only plead

(with saints gone on, ahead) "Oh, Lord, how long?"






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allets's picture

4 me the cry

is "How?" - Will there be unbearable pain - ans: probably. How long do I suffer: A long time. The shoe drops. I liked this reality poem ~allets~




Starward's picture

Thank you.  It is the

Thank you.  It is the anticipation of the shoe's drop that really rattles my nerves.