her heart of hindsight

Hyacinth garden

as the primal heart reveals what is imprinted

an unplanned metaphor

this is the lighter side of a darker trade

there are foreseeable moments

like the vision of a lover's glimpse

that is the glance of love at first sight

she dreamt of whom she might offer

light the fire of a poetic shiver

charming artistic countenance of desire

the essence of speed

to receive an infinite seed

calling suitably sincere without alarm

a farewell to blessed

to the unfair and undressed
threads bare

only the emergence on a thread of mystery
woven in time in the subtle moon light

desires run on through the night

onto devotion then onto sorrow, to absolute devotion and absolute sorrow

where it all ends arises from her heart of hindsight

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hindsight has 20/20 vision

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allets's picture

"...the emergence

on a thread of mystery..." Dream come true stuff that. Poet! Poet! - Stella