the depths of her eyes

Hyacinth garden



some curious sorrows taper

but only on the surface
where surrender seems alone 
bound into frailty
by the tight tether of yearning


is it futile remembrance?

it is where the outside is looking in

it is what it is

something is better than nothing

here everything is everything

but that rhythmic stir still moves her

as her heart-beat, pumps and pulses

something within the allure of the untried

beneath her beaded moisture

a wetness that equals the depths of her eyes

not a quickening

but it is as if a fusing

a sharpening of the unsharpened

a rising desire pushes into the conscious
caress the budding

where those old fantasies echo

the fluid humming of dreams

as her voice transcends it scales into a chorus
she is soft, beautiful and beloved


reaching to the sky
for the first time

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The depth of her eyes:



I admire your ability to create such beautifull poetry. What a lovely descriptive, emotional and truly inspiring work. This poem was lovely to read, especially your use of words. Liked very much.

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this is incredibly beautiful

this is incredibly beautiful 9intey! gorgeous piece! love it! hugss

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