across her verses

Hyacinth garden


As she wondered if all intellect is like tarnished silver


under moonlight


an unimaginative moonlight

on the bay where the waves
swiftly hiss


out of the bubbles
in the swirls of the foam

while visions arise

in her offering

with dreams of a lost lover

crystalline light shatters in play

she wonders, might she be born of the rain?


now, the water falls across her verses

they are falling like tears
stirred by the poems of passing


but was this a mistake

did she completely miss the

meaning of the words?


one feeling that filled her heart

one that grew stronger

and stronger

in her soul


the perceptible, the real, the only truth,

was the view from her eyes


eyes that articulated a temptation of the feelings in her hands


there was perfect ecstasy within her pose


and she wondered if she died right at that moment


would she appear, as poetry or prose



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    To give life to creative



To give life to creative thoughts and ideas is wonderful, like your poem here.

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thank you

both, A. G. and Healing. I try too invoke the readers to envision a scene that they will have some connection.



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

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Interesting.... I liked it.

Interesting.... I liked it. Loved the ending. :)

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