memories like mist

monotony, in chatter
a mid-form of tweeting
it's snowing slowly
as darkness claims its own

anonymity stalks scratching an itch
down with yesterday's migration
that is still perfumed with decay

slipping through darker shadows alone


from dream to dream you pass

launching some lines into position
a voice within a martyrdom

a not so silent suffering


on a  knoll at night

with memories like mist

wailing and crying

an eye drying specter


when first you lie

as if a little sigh

but still profess a truth

in a waltz with the false


go on feel that you are most blessed

a dire life learned by practice

in possession of addiction

reduced to comply to shackled request

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hi. i really enjoy your style of writing, the way the creativity drops from your pen, and wondrous poetry you share with us. 

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 You have the most useful


You have the most useful way with words especially to describe the ordinary and perfunctionary. A witty poem and a good read.

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Delectable and savoury Respected Mr 9inety

Delectable and savoury Respected Mr 9inety