she runs off the page

Hyacinth garden



careful cursive, described and distributed




who once knew




distress prompting lines maybe from inspiration




emptiness in her lonely travels




thoughts become a pretender to attention




voice vows low




several extinguished candles shown




symmetric smoke bravely billow up from faltering




cold is a poor patron for the passion of her heart




cross your fingers trail across the prominence of fate




night is threaded one strand at a time




monitor a feeling by an apostrophes constraint




in a prayer primed by intention it will chase scattered serenity




dreams fit between hands without preparation




lips whisper when one tries to comprise with contact




the picture sketched on canvas stretched in a frame




as her handwriting awaits still she runs off the page


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She runs off the page.



Your poem is very descriptive, I have some favourite lines. What despair I felt from the poem, very good writing.

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This peom was simply wonderlly beautiful. The care and attanetion you put into your words is very evident. I feel for this poet and thank you for this delightfully sad and moving peice.

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Incredible! So sensitive,

Incredible! So sensitive,  such care and thought, so beautifully wrought. Love this. It would give anyone the strength to look forward great write! Hugss

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