Artificial Christmas Trees

Hyacinth garden

I remember that December day, as a bit cold and gray. It was Saturday the tenth. You asked me if I would help you get a tree. You needed a Christmas tree, a real tree. I said, “I think we can find some out off route Eighty,” “We can take my truck for a ride out in the country, ” Then you said, to my reply, as if you were telling truth but, wanting to lie.”Next year, I want an artificial tree.” As we drove your speech, became as a matter of fact. Like you told the story before. You told me, “I have always had real Christmas trees, I even strung popcorn, and made our own ornaments!” “ I did it for the girls you know!” “It is always the same, no one appreciates my effort, or the time it takes!” I acknowledged you, and I said, “You should be proud of your girls.” “They are beautiful.” You looked away, out at rolling snow-covered hills that the Interstate cuts through. Then you turned back and smiled, as I down shifted. We got off the exit for Hibernia, I liked the name Hibernia. We rode in my truck up and around and around and then down, those two lane country roads. The trees on the hills were iced a bit some branches were broke and falling down the slopes. We went ten miles, never saw a tree worth the money the merchants wanted. We headed back the way we came. We rounded a curve where I spotted two whitetail deer. I said, “Look at the deer, Dear.” I chuckled a bit, thinking I was clever. You rolled your eyes at me as if to say, ”you are too corny!” And then your eyes widened in amazement. As amazed, as I was of you. You poked my right arm, saying with excitement in your voice! “LOOK AT THE DEER!” There standing maybe twenty-five feet at the edge of the opposite side of the road. It was a ten-point buck and his doe. They’re standing proud and defiant. Almost majestic as if they owned all they surveyed, in the front yard of a country house outside of Hibernia. As if it was their yard. I guess it really is too. You turned all the way around and watched them disappear as we retreated to the Interstate. The December day was cold and gray at least, I remember it that way. We rode back to Hackensack, singing along with the radio throughout the ride. Each one of us pretending to know all of the words to each song. You really did know the words to an Aerosmith song, I was smiling and chiming along. We stopped by the Sears parking lots then you bought a scrawny little tree. And an evergreen ball, that we hung from the front of your house. You smiled at the ball with little round purple mirrored ornaments. And purple velvet cloth ribbon and bow.
You opened some wine, and poured to the glasses. I put the scrawny tree in your one of a kind tree stand. I tried to find a good side of the scrawny tree. It didn’t have a good side. I said, “The tree is perfect.”
Well, time moved forward a year. I don’t know if you ever found an artificial tree. My next tree was really small Norwegian. It smelled great. One that I and my family thought perfect. But I still remember seeing those two deer, and your singing, as if was still that 2005 December day although, sad to say only in my dreams.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

reviewed, revised,reprinted
apropos for the season
and that's the reason
I'm never going back
to Hackensack

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Beautifully done! Thanks for

Beautifully done! Thanks for the peek through the window. It had a Robert Frost feel. Wonderful!

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Loved it thanks so much :)

Loved it thanks so much :)

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Elaborate Dreamer

I found it apropo that the little tree did not have a good side - that made me smile - Hackensack Sweet Hackensack ~~nice deer, dear ~~A~~



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yeah, funny the things and times we remember in our lives.

It was a good time.


But, I still avoid going to Hackensack, as good as the good times were, the loss of that love hurts worse than the good times we shared. 

Does that make any sense?

Made for an inspiring write though.



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

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