prison so select.

Brain in a failing body.

can fell a mighty soul.

in a prison so select.

Existence imperfect and breakable.

My scorched mouth too many gamma ray, and fair hair thin like a baby.

Ancient green colored eyes.

pink skin starts to turn grey.

deliver me to someone who cares.

does anybody care?

for all those who care!

devil eyes lie in wait.

Tense and narrow but softening of the marrow all the same.

Tired message from my body.

the inflictor of pain caresses my rain.

Sore muscles all ache.

slow, hand shake.

Senses dull and weakened.

the key is lost.

I am chastised by a demon.

a fire dragon all for my hard nights.

my hell and heaven converge normally

in a hand shake before the morning.

rip me in pieces I am just the heart.

the heart I never knew.

only pieces without you.

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Sharon Wunsch's picture

Reading this makes me feel helpless. I wish I could be a
magic all powerful god just long enough to make this kind of pain disappear.