kiss of the setting sun

Hyacinth garden

I am the last kiss of the setting sun.

The night welcomes you when day has done.

I shall wait for you in the black abyss crawling.

All that you desire trails behind calling.

When alone on a wonderful moonlit night, there are beams that stream silver atmosphere.

If you need my love, there is a place of sudden rendezvous.

You lie happily,in your sleep while the entire world does doze.

Go to the stars and the moon when it is late, let my comfort sweep through.

Go softly then with serenity from these dark lips within their prose.

No other lips can give the love that flows from me.

No other lips will give more love then the love of your dreams my dear.

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

Creepy to serene. Great imagery, great word usage, and an amazing blend...twistedly serene, i would say. One i will certainly remember and come back to read again.