Spirit of the Twin Towers

Hyacinth garden

One beautiful summers morning bright and clear.

All in that moment staggered to fighting back tears and fear.

Billions of hearts left to breaking.

All graceful souls shaking, aching.

Nightmare maniacs became suicidal missiles, destructive weapons.

Using great technologies as tools for unimaginable Armageddon's

Dust in the wind and gravel under foot turn to muck, when the rain fell.

Raining tears, resolute prayers petition to deliver the world from evil.

Broken hearts, twisted steel, shattered glass, only dismal gray sullen and scarred

Unyielding insane hatreds, those real terrors, collectively our hopes, and dreams remain unbarred.

Recover the heart of champions although frightened.

Weeks later smoke still rises securities tightened.

The agonies of that great city, we are all New Yorkers, new city of all nations.

Take a deep breath, your unconquerable courage will lead each of the restorations.

In the plazas of liberty, we will make it there, in the canyons of heroes thousands sacrifice.

Rising from the smoldering ruins avenge the blood of innocents they paid that price.

These darkest moments of the malicious night before the dawning hour.

Again the sun will rise with love and peace Glory's of God will shower.

Perpetually we will never forget those dear souls as long as the galaxies spin.

Living the ideals that guard freedoms eternal vigilance keeping faith on the strength within.

Bastion of independence rising in the mornings light with all that justice empowers.

Freedom and free will of man remain raised in America with the spirit of the twin towers

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Sharon Wunsch's picture

In your reflections on the WTC have you considered Prof Steve Jones from Brigham Young University? Have you watched his speeches on the internet at Prof for 9/11 Truth? What do you make of those internet videos?