Hyacinth garden

I look up and I see the sky.

Existing with yearnings that I should fly.

A desire to wear wings of the white dove.

Instead I feel like the hawk who cannot love.

I come back to earth my home made curse.

I am a dreamer in a spinning universe.

Then I listen to your words of wisdom.

You say, “It is not where you’ve been but where you are that is your kingdom”.

I see in your eyes beauty blossoming like a rose.

Your smile shows through the years of tears that only your heart knows.

I see your resolve to remain true.

I know it would be easier for you to give in and become blue.

Time will ebb and flow through your soul.

If it is that life has any meaning than the journeys destination should be inspiration.

If inspiration has a color then it is the brown of your eyes.

I am in your debt, you have inspired me.

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poetvg's picture

i love everything
about this poem :*) .

Em W's picture

Dear Dylan,

Thanks for commenting on my poem! (:

I like this poem of yours and the imagery which you used to display your sadness and the bleak world you were in, and how you were inspired eventually, as shown in the poignant description "If inspiration has a color then it is the brown of your eyes.".

Hmm I think maybe you could heighten the contrast before and after you were inspired by providing more descriptions of your inspirations.. Nice piece of work there!

Btw, how do you make your words rhyme? I think it's difficult for me..

Thanks, and write on.

Em (: