abacus of anticipation

Hyacinth garden

the passion in my kiss

with quiescent design

is no surprise

let us recline suppine

when my lips

issue such expressive sighs

wipe away your tears

for the laughter kept in Paradise

a soft touch

that utters a whisper

like a smooth-cut stone

no words are spoken

staying upon arrival

in the black of night

 trust the abacus of anticipation

in your stars

they are alluring and smoldering

with the shrill shivers in the sleepy shadows

that aspire to surprise

let us etch

from such bold desire

in this delicious

clash of clamours

where we mend what is  broken

undenied are the constellations

 where consolations float off in ecstasy

here are all the verses in the mind

stars supply the shine

to glimpse on confessions

adorned in velvet

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9inety's picture

stella thank you

you are too kind...



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

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"...undenied are the constellations..."

I simply adore this image. Love is so like this poem, absolutely velvet. ~allets~