Sits Silently

The dark

The grain

The Kansas wind


The night

The fields 

Sit silently 


Sit silently

Inside my head,

Inside my head

Sit silently 


The red there too 

It sits alone

Just sitting there

Sits silently 


And quietly they wreck my mind

Inside my head

Sit silently


I wonder...

Would it be so bad?

If sat she not so silently.

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Masterful Writing This

I love the cadence, the tone is quite appropriate, the juxaposition of sing-song musicality and serious contemplation and expression is emotion jangling and is as well penned as it is well read - Just Bein' Stella





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Your comments are ever so

Your comments are ever so appreciated and also very professional. It always means so much to see a talented poet take time out to comment on a work of mine. Thanks so much!