Shaded Eyes

The poison that's flowed through my veins

Has already run its course!

Stained and sick the heart and mind

Pain - now visions constant source.


The toxin spread into my eyes

Now shades the souls I see...

Drudging through thier sin-stained lives

The broken rules of centuries.


Nothing goes without a price

But still they take and don't think twice!

Till debt collector takes his toll

And debt consumes the wretched soul.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Through shaded eyes all things seem a little darker

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Your poetry has always

Your poetry has always intrigued me so! I'd really love to hear the backstory behind the inspiration for poem you gave me the link to! Thanks a million for dripping by and sorry for the slow response I Havnt been on in a while... I'm not as frequent as I once was

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    Compelling word usage and



Compelling word usage and visionary content in this poem. Just loved the mesaage of over pollution and we all paying the price, our environment is for looking after. Enjoyable read and very well written.

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I'm glad you enjoyed the poem

I'm glad you enjoyed the poem enough to comment! That's so fantastic :) 

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I love this darker vision, it

I love this darker vision, it has real substance. And flows so well. :-) x

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Thanks sweet water! One of my

Thanks sweet water! One of my regular viewers... I'm so grateful for the time you take to comment and encourage. :D Its very motivating!!! :)