The Artifice

The wind is roaring loud and wild,

But I can sit here with a smile

In the safety of this den

The artifice of many men.


In its shade, a cool serene

With thriving plants and animals seen.

The whispers of the wind are near,

But never make it to her ear.


Do I take her through the hall?

To stand and gaze upon it all?

Beyond the safety of the cage

And risk the natural human rage?


Or perhaps

Not entertain?

And maybe just not play this game?

The game that Time brings to an end.

The kind that only Time can mend.


But, perhaps she will not mind?

While some may scoff at my design

I mean no wrong 

I mean no harm

Surely then no evil has been done here?

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allets's picture

Fenton Harcort-Mudd

Where have you been?!!!! Welcome back.



bishu's picture

Nice write

Somehow I rwlated it to stark reality. Happy Easters friend