A Friend's Betrayal

Trusted with personal thoughts

Personal doings

I thought I knew you

Thought I could cry in your arms

Believed that I could do the

stupidest thing and never tell a soul

Thought that an argument would go away

Believed that we would be

hand in hand against our enemies

I thought you knew me

Thought that you would never betray me

Believed you could never hurt me

I thought we would be friends forever

Guess I was wrong

Wish you the best

Remember that I won't let you

hurt me anymore

Remember all the good times

which has now turned to memories

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this at a time when I stopped talking to a dear friend.  Even though I no longer feel this way, I look back and think.. everything happens for a reason.

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Hiya hun.What a sad tone this poem has.It's true betrayal is the worst stinger of a slap!I totally enjoyed this as the words tripped of your tongue beautifully arranging them into a dancing formation.A very bittersweet poem.
Thankyou also for your kind comments on my work! :-) You are too kind!!!