Spaces In Between

No face fits my thought of you.

Only the sound of your words.

Was that all it took?

One mistake might tremble us,

but not erase the past.

The only days available are

today and tomorrow.

Not yesterday.

Help me.

Help me understand what you want.

Don't shut me out.

Let me see what your heart as been through.

Fill me in.

Fill in the spaces in between.

And let me see who you are.

Understand what has happened to me,

and I will understand you for who you are.

Fill in the sadness that is lingering.

Fill in the madness that is troubling.

Fill in the spaces that is vacant.

Those spaces in between us.

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Joel's picture

Hmmm. inte res ting.

"You think Einstein walked around thinking everyone was a bunch of dumb-shits?"