Take It or Leave It (Revised)

Take It or Leave It (Revised)

Still, your presence lingers around.
There were some lessons that
I thought I will never learn.
It turned out to be a lake of grieving,
Forming a path of misery.

I stand alone, without anyone in sight.
No one to call out for help.
Laying here with these deep thoughts
Inside my head of make believe
Where nothing gets out.
Therefore, no one will foreseen the signs
That I am truly suffering as child does
Devoid of its happiness.

After all, it is impossible to breathe life
Into an individual that only seeks death.
Break their fall and soon, one’s death
Is to arrive sooner than later.
The solution would be to
Talk some sense into them.
However, not everyone realizes or appreciates
What they have now.
The world’s mysteries and its darkness,
We will soon unlock and come across.

These walls and barriers are nearing its end.
With nowhere to go, nothing seems to make sense.
Out of place, we inch closer to the day
Where our confusion dissipates.

This is a song for the lonely and those
Who are in need of a motive or inspiration
In life to get by, to move forward.
Go free.

A brand new day has arrived,
The sun, shining brightly without
A single cloud in sight.
The winds are calm, hostility
Evaporated with the air.
A second chance on making things right.
Take it or leave it.

Realize that the world has something
To offer everyone. So, please
Remain optimistic and realistic
Even as life begins to take its toll on you.
Be given that it is possible to
Start your life over again, at any age.
Just don’t let that opportunity pass you by.
Relinquish your woes and regrets
To make it happen.
Take it or leave it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written in 2004 but revised later on in 2009 or 2010. Sorry, I don't have the original. It was on an old xanga account which I've deleted.

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