You’re here and I’m there

We don’t see eye to eye anymore and

Each other as often as we’d both liked

It felt like we went our own separate ways

You did your thing and I did mine

What can I do?

What can I say?

To comfort you and

Make things seem

All the more better

I feel as if there’s no hope left for our friendship

To get any better than it already has

All we built and emphasized

Our friendship on

All came crashing down

I close my eyes and

I see that I am finally free…

My heart is free to love

My soul is free to love, hate, inspire and

Do as I go and please

This is the freefall

The moment where

My heart and soul

Gets an unknown feeling

I never had felt before

A feeling

That I thought was never real

A strong desire lurks deep inside of me

To finally feel all these emotions, feelings and thoughts

I never thought would ever come true

Now, that it has

My spirits and hopes have been lifted up

This feeling

I’m feeling it

A feeling that my heart, mind, body, and soul

That feels this is all I need to brighten up my day

This is all I need to be living

There is more to this

Than just finally feeling free and

Able to let go of all the things

That’ll never happen to me

I’ll go and do as I please

I’ll let go

If I have to

Always and forever

I’ll hold on to this precious yet delightful feeling

I’m on my way to the freefall

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