Verse 1: 

If not darkness, then light

Each evanescent glow of light

Never before had

Shone on me



Memories tug at my heartstrings

resurfacing, I hide my emotions and feelings

tucked away in my heart

until it's reaching for air


Verse 2:

Until I take my last breath

I'll be with you

Until the end of time

When the time comes

'll let you know

You are the one



I never believed in love

Until I met you

I breathe for you

Each step I take

Is closer to your reality



Between the lines of hopes and dreams

Is our future

Don't let me go

'Cause you are my only one

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well, this is about Dream Guy and our reality, to be honest. That's what we think about each other. I know this from his sister aka pre school friend. We met in 2010 in person, finally after his sister told him about me in 1994. He has a good memory and knows I'm the person his sister saw get bullied in pre-school. It might be best I try again after attracting jerks and emotionally unavailable guys that run away every time I open up about something significant in my life. Cue "Run Away" by Quietdrive from their album: The Ghost of What You Used to Be. Check out that song, it's a bittersweet song, to be honest.