Share the Dream


Ugonna Wachuku


Day breaks in on us slowly.

Today's journey through life

will be full of riddles and


Life will surely bring new

suprises and strange shadows.

Shadows of this new day

will certainly accompany

us through inspiring village

paths and forests.

On our way to the farm,

new meaning to life will

be found.

Ancestral footprints will

be followed on our way to

plant hopeful crops for tthe

coming harvest.

Whether there will be a

harvest, we cannot tell.

The world have changed so

much since grandpa and

grandma were children

in the family.

Then, our ancestors could

smell good weather and

refreshing rain. Now, we

smell cyclones, nuclear

pollution and destructive

rain filled with the flaming

scent of this global warming.

Anyway, my friends, we are

headed for the farm:

We must plant our crops

for the coming harvest.

We have good hope for


We have bountiful, fresh

dreams and love for human-

kind's survival.

Our dreams are real and

worthy enough to go round

the earth with love and


Come, my love.

Come, mankind.

Share the dream

of my soul.

Cape of Good Hope

darling, share our

dream of a bountiful

new harvest and healing

for humanity.

Come, my friends.

Walk with us through

ancestral village paths

to the farm of hope

and love unchained.

Come, all of you

who will:












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