climate change

Summer Heat

Penelope sat in her ramshakle old shack;

It was springtime;

Time to plant the garden;

And hope it don't scorch too moch this summer;

Or one of them storms come along and knock all the plants over;

If the shack gets wrecked she could always move to another;

Plenty sitting all over the place;

Some of them big contraptions strewn about;

Say they used to run on gasoline;

That's something nobody remembers seeing;

Penelope could dig with some rusty old tools;

Better than  making new ones out of stones;

And a bag of seeds she never lets out of sight;

The sun's coming up now;

Better get to work before it gets to hot and late;

Plenty of food for now;

And the shelter's ok;

Got to think ahead;

Tomorrow's another day.

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Share the Dream

Ugonna Wachuku


Day breaks in on us slowly.
Today's journey through life
will be full of riddles and


Life will surely bring new
suprises and strange shadows.


Shadows of this new day
will certainly accompany
us through inspiring village
paths and forests.


On our way to the farm,
new meaning to life will
be found.


Ancestral footprints will
be followed on our way to
plant hopeful crops for tthe
coming harvest.


Whether there will be a
harvest, we cannot tell.
The world have changed so
much since grandpa and
grandma were children
in the family.


Then, our ancestors could
smell good weather and
refreshing rain. Now, we
smell cyclones, nuclear
pollution and destructive
rain filled with the flaming
scent of this global warming.


Anyway, my friends, we are
headed for the farm:


We must plant our crops
for the coming harvest.
We have good hope for


We have bountiful, fresh
dreams and love for human-
kind's survival.


Our dreams are real and
worthy enough to go round
the earth with love and


Come, my love.
Come, mankind.
Share the dream
of my soul.


Cape of Good Hope
darling, share our
dream of a bountiful
new harvest and healing
for humanity.


Come, my friends.
Walk with us through
ancestral village paths
to the farm of hope
and love unchained.


Come, all of you
who will:



Share the Dream 

~ Critiques/Comments ~ 


Mona Omar

lets all share the dream of happiness ,peace and love


Helen Schmidt

Ugonna,  This is a lovely poem of hope and dreams of making the world a better place.  Would that these dreams come true!  Best regards, Helen


Amy Riberdy

A poem filled with hope for the beauty of the old world to survive in spite of the destructive nature of a modern life that threatens to destroy the beauty of the land & a way of life..  Amy


Misty Lackey

for some reason I could see this poem on a huge flag or on a huge blue sky for the whole world to see feelings that set free the mind on todays nature and world..



Bonjour(Swiss) Ugonna,  As I read your poem, I thought about those who did not make it to another day, following the attacks on New York twin towers and on the Pentagone.  Yes each day is a day of hope even if the changing world around us threatens to rob us of our subsistence, loved ones and hope.  Each day is a new beginning not only for us but also for the coming generations.  We have to pass on the dream unless we die.  This poem is fitting for such time as this.  Thank you  Michelle  


Deborah Russell

For some reason one of my favourite books comes to mind, "The Good Earth", by Pearl S. Buck. A book which still lends passages to my mind, years after reading it for the second time. Of course I would like to think that most of us do 'keep the dream' of green pastures close to our hearts. Again the form of the last three stanzas is a goblet. And the wine flows freely dripping from the stem. An inspirational image!   


Gail Henderson

beautiful words it is amazing  

when i read this poem it was  

like the words were flowing  

of the pages great work keep it up.

2002-07-10 02:29:24  


Adele Smith

This poem shows that sometimes we don't know what life can bring us. Only with Hope and understanding does we seem to move forward in life. keep up the great work

2003-06-01 15:38:59   


Ruth Lovejoy

I really feel your heart in this piece! An outstanding one!

2008-01-13 15:32:22 


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Goodnight To The Mountain

Ugonna Wachuku 



This climate change is terribly threatening! 

This global warming strikes at the soul of 

our earthly existence. We must act now, 

on this truly trying journey called life! 

All enchanting earthly education is needed. 


There is a smiling storm gathering in the east.
There is a weeping sea across the desert.
Rising waves beat against the beach.
Whispering winds call us to new beginning.
But we are still dancing. We are still dancing
to that music of freedom. We are still dreaming
when we should have woken up to protect and
preserve earth's dying environment!


There is a smiling storm gathering in the west.
There is an unknown sun setting tonight.
Then, let us wake up and build our battered planet.
Let us rise with the sun and say good-bye to hopeless
dreams of the night. Let us follow the whispering
wind's voice and find the beauty of this earth.
Let us watch the fig tree shed its leaves and know
that the season is near.


Remember, there is a smiling storm gathering in the
hidden handsomeness of this global warming. There is
a smiling storm gathering across those clouds of blue
and grey sitting in the north and south. So, when owls
hoot no more; when streams and waterfalls weep; when
you kiss me good-bye, remember to ask:
what is so good in saying goodbye?


There is a smiling storm warming itself up to kiss.
New flowers are sprouting. Gardens are blooming. So,
remember, when the sun says goodnight to the mountain,
darkness will light up the earth. Darkness will make us
see why we must keep this earth alive in love; with
tolerance and brotherhood!


When the sun says goodnight to the mountain, please,
my love, do not kiss me goodnight. Do not let me see
the fuming face of this smiling storm because our love
will outlive every monument of time. We will soar with
the eagles to new horizons of hope and oneness when the
sun says goodnight to the mountain!


Together, as one people, come, humanity, now is the
time to protect and preserve our beautiful, dying
environment. Now is the time to fight this deadly 

climate change and global warming! 


This climate change is terribly threatening! 

This global warming strikes at the soul of 

our earthly existence. We must act now, 

on this truly trying journey called life!  

All enchanting earthly education is






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Earth is our enchanting home! Let's take preservatory care of our earthly home! That deeply moving song titled "Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain" by South Africa's soulfully moving isicathamiya {a cappella} group: Ladysmith Black Mambazo - inspired me to write this soulful Goodnight to the Mountain to educate humankind on the urgent need to reverse climate change and global warming, anyway we can!