#yoyo #shitjobs




one of the problems

with being too easy going

at work

is that you often

get used and abused


you face

an inordinate number

of shit jobs


the whiners and bitchers

always get their way

which is the exact opposite

of how it should be


so I’ll find myself

being bounced

all over the place

from task to task

and back and forth


my head starts spinning

and I can’t get

into a roll

and knock the work out


some circles are cool—

drum circles;

a circle of friends’

circles around a campfire


going around

in a circle at work

isn’t really much fun

and doesn’t

 accomplish a thing


I wonder

should a person

that’s had as many substances

pass thru their bloodstreams

as me be used like a yo-yo


my emotional stability


and flashbacks possible

it seems a volatile mix


the dizziness reminds me

of nitrous oxide at first

but when it doesn’t wear off

I begin to enter

into panic mode


I pray at night

and thank god

I don’t own a gun


Things might not

end so well if I did



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