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Clover-laced Meadow

I do, in fact, dream
Of those clover-laced meadows
And your sun-bleached hair
Sporting crowns of daisies



Where the songs you sang
Filled lazy afternoons,
And my heart, with love
Of a unique kind



The grass was our cushion
And cradled us in green
Like a loving mother
Clad in flowers and leaves



We laid on our backs
Bare feet to the sun
Careless in our youth
And our fleeting summer days



You said the word forever
And I took it from you
Discovering the places
That we love



But somewhere over time,
I lost you in the green
And the memories
Of clover-laced meadows

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This is a little story of the way we came to be

The way you made me fall for you so fast so easily

I remember when I asked you to be my cute boy

Really I believe that you won’t treat my heart like a toy


I remember the first time I knew that I fell for you

Your smile was as bright as the sun my love for you grew

Your eyes were a beautiful ocean of shining blue

It’s like the time so great I spent with you so fast it flew


When we got together I became much happier than before

You are so great my feelings you never ever ignore

When I’m with you the sun smiles brighter for both of us

Love love love love is what I feel for you you never fuss


You made me love you in a million different ways

When for the first time I love you I said to you a maze

A maze was in my mind many different ways I felt

When you replied you made my heart stop and it began to melt


And now that I have you I never ever want to let you go

You know you make me feel so high when I am at my low

You make me feel so loved and I can’t live life without you

You are my everything my life my love my baby boo

And that is how we became two people into one

If you leave me I will never feel this love for anyone

The feeling we may never even share

If you left I could not go on and be the same I care

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about my relationship, its filled with feelings that i felt at the time. I hope you guys like it.