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Love has

Its own disposition                                           

Its own admonition                                                               

Its own inhibition                                                              

Its own intuition


Its own submission                                                            

So a wise man

Will always asks permission

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If your friends

You can’t believe

You should ask them

All to leave

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If your boyfriend

Brings no joy

Go out and find

Another boy

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If your dismal mindset

You can rearrange

You might be happy

For a change

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Think of something nice to do

And then go out, and just be you

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Seems like all old people

Must always critique every one

That’s because………….



They know they’re freaking smarter

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Everything we do

Need not be common sense

Sometimes, it is best

To show some, reticence


Let the act proceed      

If it will do no harm

Then, add your two cents worth

With a little charm

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Our car, among the classics

Our things, became antique

We, turned into relics

And our friends, befit a clique


Our cottage, now the hermitage

Our home, is a relique

Our life, will be a heritage

And when we talk, it’s a critique


What we do, has grown archaic

Our habits, turned oblique

Our thinking, esoteric

But we’ve, become unique

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