#wheredobirdsgointherain #innocence


You have to marvel at the innocence of children…

You have to wonder at their brains….

The other day I heard one ask:

Where do birds go in the rain?


I did not hear the mother’s reply…

her answer or suggestion..

For I was lost in reverie…

concentrating on the question.


And I thought how wonderful is that innocence…

It is music…it is rhyme…

and I thought how endearing is that innocence…

whose only enemy is time.


I do not know when one loses their innocence

Does anyone?…I truly doubt it…

But I imagine it is one of our saddest days

when we stop to think about it.


As I watch the problems in the world unfold

As I look at the mess we adults have created

It seems to me we could use more innocence 

Like the kind that child stated.


Yes, as I watch what’s happening in the world

I long for the time when our daydreams were free of pain….

When the questions we asked were innocent….


Like where do birds go in the rain.

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