Have you ever noticed as you watch people going about their day…

how everyone no matter where they live or who they are…prays in their own way?


Some people fall to their knees, others pray from a religious seat

some fold their hands, others lift them up

some say a blessing before they eat.


Some raise the roof in joyous salute and shout their prayers out loud

others say their prayers more quietly…hands together…their heads bowed.


Some pray when they are driving…or running

others pray at a slower gate,

Some pray so quietly no one can hear them…

Some people meditate.


Some people fly their prayer flags, 

and everybody knows

those who have pictures of their God hanging in their house

whose eyes follow you wherever you go.


A God may or may not be involved

for I believe anytime you share

your hopes or your dreams with the universe…

this is a form of prayer.


Praying is universal…it’s a wish you hope will travel far

It could be praying to a God…or wishing on a star.


If this is true…that everyone prays

then in this way aren’t we all linked?

Wouldn’t this mean that all of us

are more alike than we may think?


It is my wish our world will come to understand this…

some time…some place…some day….

and that our praying will unite us…


for this…is what I pray.

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