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I reminisce on a whole lot of shit,

Though it would'nt cost a thing

 If you choose,

 The beauty or the beast.


Don't be fool,we've being fool,

You're a fool,if you think there views are true.

Trust me

It's  not about fun or food.


You believe

 I believe

All they want us to believe.

You see

 I see all they want us to see.

The goverment,

 By which people?

 To which people?

 For which people?

 Democrazy is a scam

Straight from Greece to grass

It's a lie,you have no goverment

All you have is a governor

The lawmakers or the lawbrakers?


The child right

The pet right

The fish right

The plant right

The gay right

The women's right

You're right,am right

Tell me,

who is right?


The more Mansion

The more homeless

The new fashion

The topless

The brightest

The brainless

The wireless

Less awareness of the New Order

Worry not about the past,

Reminisce the future.






Confidence Man

For you could see that as he walked along
The fetid filling in the walls dispersed
As the cracks reformed
The paving below mourned
And another naive child emerged

The nouveau frames, encrusted with gold
Edged and curled from the tombs
As did the aged and withered floral paper,
which peeled and suffered the corrupt move

And men, women few, who sat in the same pose
Peered towards the young man
For they knew, and he knew the scale of control
He’d gained from democracy’s wretched and erupting plan



Why do we always end up in the place where we began?

Why is it freedom slips away and dies in every land?


I think the problem lies within the reason why men fight.

For it is not to win the war then stand guard day and night


with vigilance, no sadly this is not the cause at all.

And so the stage is set that every time they rise they fall.


For time has shown they do not fight to make sure they are free.

No, rather they fight for the chance to live their lives at ease.