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Passing Unitarian Church,

          Philly, PA

Roseland, NYC

    with weekend warrior visions

              in small deli

         & Times Square

nothing ventured

      but the rock-n-roll

            & literary dreams

     faded into self glory

          little apocalypse

     in secondary phase

              ears attuned

                      to hours

            going by

                each night

       catch a show

               grab a bite

          of Malaysian food

slowly rock the Apple

              take a bite

         sink into

     that great big

          delicious apple

for all it’s worth

          has the cat

     got your tongue?

Silence you

into nothingness

      or is it all

    just coincidence?

      This solitude

    in a metropolis

       of millions

that I see

      from a distance

          my idealized love

     kissing another

   while I stagnate

       on the other side

with the apathy blues

      on any plausible

          thing to do

motorcycles & panhandlers

     & solitary loneliness

          on 8th Avenue

            alone again

      in Penn Station

just waiting for a train



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