When we planned the family kayak trip we hoped it was preordained

that we would be blessed with beautiful weather…that there would be no chance of rain.


As the day approached our excitement became a little more restrained

when we heard the weatherman report…there was a chance of rain.


But off we paddled anyway…deciding not to give in to our fear…

and the weather…it was beautiful…the river…cool and clear.


Halfway through our kayak trip, however, it did begin to rain

but something happened on that river…let me take a moment to explain.


The rain dropped softly from the sky…and onto us as well…

quietly and gently…in single drops it fell.


There was no thunder…no lightning with it…nothing to cause in us disdain…

Just a simple….serene…and mesmerizing…tender fall of rain.


All got quiet on the river…as mother’s, fathers, sons and daughters

were captivated by the sight and sounds of raindrops diving in the water.


I watched a young girl smile…as the rain fell softly on her head…

“I never thought that raindrops could be this beautiful!” she said.


Nature pleasantly surprised us today…on our little river jaunt…

by giving us a gift of something…we thought we did not want….


So next time we plan a kayak trip…you will not hear me complain


if, as the day of the trip approaches,…there is a chance that it will rain.

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How lucky we are as humans

that on the wings of nature drift

a myriad of wonders...

A host of unexpected gifts.


A seedling blooms into a flower,

an acorn grows into a tree,

a drop of water from the heavens

forms a river to the sea.


The sun ignites the morning sky,

the moon gently bathes the night

there is enchantment in a rainbow

and the twinkle of starlight.


And so I wonder...


Has nature also provide us

with potentials as yet untapped...

unexpected gifts inside us...

waiting to be unwrapped?


I believe she has…I believe inside each of us

on the wings of nature drift…

A myriad of wonders


A host of unexpected gifts.

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