#together #notalone #sadness #depression





You wake up to see the blood scribed on the wall.

Little tally marks you put up every time you fall.

Though you couldn't answer how you got here at all.


In a attempt to regurgitate this fear.

Thoughts that your friends wont even bother to hear

And your family just blankly stares mumbling" Oh dear"


I dont know your name.

I dont own this game.

but your thoughts are not their's to blame.


Just know your not alone.


Your defense is down to a meager one.

But infront of the mirror you dont like what you see.

So scratch that it's depleted to none.

grasping a knife to proclaim you can't let this be.


Still fearful of death you don a mask as a solution.

And everyone quickly labels you fake.

But it protects youfrom their polution.

Cause yours alone is more than enough to take.


In our hearts we know we have no fame.

In our minds we lose to this game.

So harsh on ourselves we forget on our own name.


Still i beg for you to see that your not alone.

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