#tired#Fed up


I'm tired of the ridiculous drama a relationship brings.
I just want to be free then forever write my poetry.
I'm tired of everyone's ugly attitude aimed at me.
I just want the ability to kill the hostility with the sentences I bleed.
I'm tired of having the need to defend myself for being me.
I just want them leave me be if they not willing to make peace then leave.
I'm tired of the constant defamation of my character by one's with high hysteria.
I just want to know why I'm the guy to hate.
I'm tired of negativity coming my way.
I just want a detour away from this mess.
I'm tired of being tired.
I just want to free my mind from problems of all kinds..
It may happen but it wouldn't hurt to try

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Over the school year had a massive of headache with other students and I'm just tired of dealing with their nonsense

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