A forgetting day

All and nothing

It’s a forgetting day,

A day for yesterday’s memories,

To slide away,

Where warm breezy bright,

No longer lingers or remembers,

Any yester day or yester night.


It’s a forgetting day,

Under cloudy skies,

In lumbering quietness,

Perfectly lies,

An un-unforgettable day,

Leaden lined,

And numbling grey.


I see through the lies, yet I choose to be blind to them

That heartache you cause me, yet I choose to fight through the pain

Those tears I cry, yet I choose to hide them

my hearts breaking, yet I can't help but love you 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just thoughts 

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I admit,

Sometimes I bask in the thoughts of you in my mind.

Funny thing about memories, 

You make them,

Situations change,

Yet they stay with you. 




In your head.

Revealing themselves at the worst times,

Making you remember. 

Forcing you to relive the moments,

When you’re trying desperately to forget them.


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