When we arrive at the cabin each year the first thing we always do

(a tradition we’ve come to adore)

is head into town, buy a fern and hang it by our front door.


We enjoy the beauty it provides …everyday for us to see…

It’s a little nod to nature and her simplicity.


From it’s spot looking out over the forest the fern is happy we believe

catching just enough rain and sunlight while protected by the eave.


The other day we heard a noise and we were surprised to learn

a little bird was standing on the rail…eyeing our hanging fern…


We started noticing her a little more…and immediately we guessed

that little bird, inside that fern,…was building herself a nest.


And from the safety of our window…we’d watch her bring twigs held in her beak

and the nest she built within that fern…she’d completed in a week.


We’ve had many visitors to the cabin this summer…

who’ve stayed a little while then off they roam…

but only one of our visitors…has built herself a home…


We’re leaving in a few days.

We may not see her little family I fear…

but perhaps she’ll bring them back to visit


when we hang our fern next year.l

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