the unkown

The girl with no identity

the dark phase

Rejectd as a child

living life on the wild

without any sense of being

longing to belong somewhere

she has a name and a surname

that dont belong to her

she has a shelter but she cannot call it a home

she is a loner but not by choice

but because her situation forced her to be

forced by circumstances to hustle

it is uneasy for her to settle

haunted by a past she barely knows

she is always flowing in a pool of tears

who am i or what am i?

are the constant questions she interrogates herself with

so many unaswered questions

haunting her like a lost ghost

sometimes it feels like a curse

when they break her heart and leave her to be a mess

calling her names and shaming her

mocking her because she has nothing

not knowing that out of nothing comes something

she has no tangible roots of her supposedly alleged culture

she has no background of her tradition

running around with no objectives and goals

not sure if she is living to die or maybe dying to live

living life base on emotions

without any motivation and motion for a new direction

this was supposed to be a poem

a voice to the voiceless

but it ended up being a story

my story because i am that girl with no identity

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