the other side of the fence grass is greener

The other side of the fence

I sit here pondering my life, what I had, what I have, what I want... Things are different now than they were, things are different now than I want.   What I had... A husband, a family, a house!   A husband that worked all day, struggling as he may. he loved me I know this now because no man would have stayed and fought those struggles, but he did some how.  He loved me but I was in a trance, I was looking over the other side of the fence. It looked so beautiful, I know I could be happy, so I jumped over the fence, I left my husband, my life and my family.  What I have... I was right the grass is greener, the flowers are beautiful, but I wonder, where is he, the one I climbed the fence for?  Then I realized in a panic, that he was the manure that made the grass look so green and the flowers so beautiful.  What I want... I want to go back to the other side of the fence, , so I turn around and ran as fast as I can, I know I was wrong. Where is it? The fence is gone!

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