The black sparrow In the garden of sinful desire the black sparrow took flight Temptation pleasures and the cherry of delight Grow wild and towering over the shadow of right The little black sparrow took a little bite many cry in deep sorrow The blac

The Sparrows are Back



The sparrows were there in ecstasy,

Within the ventilator tiny,

Their lone dream,

Their serene regime.


Once upon a time from there,

Like a petrified deer gone they were,

Leaving the home behind,

Perhaps a new place to find.


They have come back eventually,

Like a son angry,

Bringing smile to my face in hubbub and silence,

Removing gloom springing from their absence.


The same old tweeting,

Keeps on painting,

The air, the wall and so on,

Life is back, life seems on.


Perhaps the sparrows have felt my love,

For them since they know of,

Paying love back to them,


Who deserve it, the priceless gem.