systems of surveillance

Government Eyes

Surveillance, by the government
No oversight
Somewhere, somehow you are guilty
Talked to a radical
Talked to a felon
Talked to a foreigner
All in innocence, yet Big Brother is listening in
Where is our 1st amendment rights?
Freedom of speech, of suspicion?
Are we in a cyber war, secret enemy
El Qaida or somewhere in Africa or South America?
Is our privacy shot?
No more secret escapades
Or shady dealings
Still, for the sake of security , turn over
Google, AOL, everyone in the government
I say this is awfully dangerous
What a new country of suspicion we are
The pendulum swings both ways
Edgar Hoover knew and ….

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written years before surveillance on a colossal scale was exposed in the USA in June 2013, but supposedly not abused!!

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I never asked for this

We have given birth to something bigger than big brother
We have given form to something other, some greater monster
And we are so used to cameras we don’t notice another
Now they want to take away our rights to free speech
They wanna tell us what we can say, they write the words we speak
All the worst parts of fascism are the ones that we decide to keep
Now they want to censor what we can say on the internet
Especially in America where they move closer to the Chinese government
While funding initiatives designed to circumvent that red technological fence
Because it is more important for corporations to keep the margins of their profit
Working with internet service providers to put a squeeze on what can be said
And how come no one sees what I see,
How there is a CCTV camera on the corner of every street
Does no one see the irony in this state,
because George Orwell warned us it would end this way
He knew about the cameras knew that we would always go to far
And now we are the most watched country on this earth
And it hurts to think that some don’t even notice how we cursed
Ourselves with this reality TV country. And im bursting
With the indignation of how I never asked for this
I never asked to be filmed like this,
I never asked them to restrict my voice like this
And now they have wire taps on your phone
And they have microphones hidden in your home
Listening to everything you do and say
And we were never meant to live this way
We were never born hearing everything people say
So why do we try so hard to do it now.
There are systems of surveillance all over the town
We don’t even see half of them when we move around
And they follow everything that we do.

So the government wants to do more, introduce legislation
Which is leading to a Frankenstein bastardised creation
Of a nation. I do not want to live in a place
Where you can see what I do. But what can I do to change
This place, the only way I can force things to move
From the status quo is to write, and hope that I ignite
A spark of my discontent like the speech of Shakespeare
I hope that I can make you feel as I do,
That I can make you fear this ongoing
March of the big brother.

Because I never asked for this,
I will not let them restrict my voice like this
If I have to take to the streets themselves
I will make a change. Though im not sure
I will do well.