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Dog's Dreaming.

Midnight in the city, the clouds were covering the whole sky; only one stream of moonlight could be seen, lighting up the clock tower. The tolling bell was ringing as always, dong after dong. As soon as the clock stopped everything was completely silent, one could only hear the crushing waves of the sea, coming and going.

A strange figure, casting a shadow on the sidewalk, was walking towards the Clock Tower; it was Polo, the brown dog with a distinctive birthmark on his face. He took a quick glimpse behind him, as if he had heard something, then he carried on walking.

Hidden behind a big bush, there was I following Polo, feeling my heart pounding really fast. I wasn’t sure why I was there in the first place.

Reaching the old door at the Clock Tower, Polo howled as if he was calling out for someone. Suddenly a light was turned on, and from the door a weary old man came out, “Good night” Polo said to the old man, for which he replied, “Mr Polo, sir, please come in, they are waiting for you.”

At this moment I was aware of the situation, I was dreaming.

One cannot completely control its dreams but this time I could, I went from the eerie scene to a nearby beach, I ran over the sand and reached the sea, as I was swimming I hear someone calling to me, giving me a sign that the food was ready, I was very hungry and I could smell something delicious.

I opened my eyes and ran to the door, my friend was saying something to me, but I never understand him. He places the food in front of me and goes back inside.

“Have you feed the dog?” the mother said to his son. “Yes mom, I just did. I’ll take him for a walk later in the afternoon.”

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