#storm #fear #bindings


Through the many lessons

i have always been

that which I know

to be something else

would destroy that which I am.

My heart is afloat in dangerous water

I can feel its desire

It wants to jump into the storm

My heart begs me to let go

So that it may finally be free

How can I tell my heart that it is wrong?

My heart cannot understand

All it does is feel.

"Im breaking, I'm breaking"

It screams in pain

I search for the paingiver

I find my mind

Cold and cruel

A machine that detests the weak

At its feet lie pieces of heart

All of them taken from my own

I stand between them

Friends with the two at war

My heart is angry

My mind calculates

And finds a rope

That it may bind my heart.

And when its finally calm

My mind begins to speak.

"I do not hate you heart,

I cannot hate, for that is your world.

All I can do is know,

And I know you are killing us.

You must be strong

Even when you feel the world is cruel,

For there is a different world to come

And I know that we must find it,

For I have heard it holds your joy"

My heart, now,  only softly cries

It wants tomorrow

it needs tomorrow

It looks around no longer for escape

Curses my mind that it will not gamble

Perhaps even hates it still,

but it feels that the mind knows

It knows how to survive

And it will not be destroyed.

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