# spiritual



Fact is sometimes

stranger than fiction.

A case in point

is a recent Dead show

in Washington DC

I was partying up

in the legendary RFK parking lot

getting primed for the show.


I was talking to

a college girl

about the scene

and explaining how

it’s mainly just in fun

only a few of us

ever actually take it too far.


No sooner do I finish

my soliloquy 

than a guy goes running by

screaming at the top of his lungs:





and dives into the murky waters

of the Anacostia River.


and I’m standing there stunned

thinking, “Open mouth, Insert foot.”

at this amazing spectacle.


Now, I’ve drank excessively,

done all kinds of substances

both licit and illicit.

I’ve been fucked up drunk,

stoned, obnoxious, dosed,

zoned, dusted, zonked,

blasted, plastered, under the weather,

high, wasted, toasted, roasted, wired,

tripped up, smoked up;

I’ve puked, passed out, 

gotten sick, made others sick,

misbehaved, acted like an ass. . .


But in all the madness & chaos

it never once occurred to me

to look for God at the bottom

of the Anacostia River. 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

one of my spoken word pieces from the mid to late 90's

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an image floating in ruby red

Vulcanic skies reflecting

this mesmerizing elixer

the aroma of your spirit

Crescent echo hangs

infinite Blue

We are lapis lazuli

branches of the same tree

Wind grows her silken hair around us

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"It wont happen to me."

"It wont happen to me."
That's what you think when you do drugs, but
now my cognition is like I'm always buzzed.
I seem smart to some people, but I always feel dumb.

Unable to speak Tripping over my own feet,
like I'm Hallucinate 'un, 
just lose some weight son.
Demons whispering in my ears so sick I regurgitate
every herb I ate to suppress this, 
I'm Restless,

Sampling my Brain so they can test the insane,
praying to God for his blessings, but all feel is pain.
Putting my Middle finger to sky to pass the blame,
If I'm created in Gods Image then you should feel ashamed,

When I was in church they told me I was saved,
emptying my pockets for you, 
doing what they said you told me to,
just to be a slave. 
I've had it up to here and I think I've finally caved,

If it wasn't for these Demons I wouldn't know you existed at all,
the proof of evil is the only thing keeping me from
unloading this revolver in a crowded mall, 
If you're so powerful then why is you're voice so small?
the demons blast my ear drums till I'm convinced this IS Hell,
I'm done filtering myself to be part of a society built by self
righteous monsters, Christless In a crisis
Been abandon by everybody but my sponsors,
They think they'll make a dollar off my concerts,
But I'm broke Now and I need a new pair of boxers

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