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Her Story's End


Joy's journey through search of serenity had me shedding tears from the beginning. It is so easy to get wrapped up in life's beautiful story. I have already feverishly turned to see what would become nails and never engaged story. So much hope that there is perhaps still a chance for me. On the piece I found myself and sipping on a glass of lovely photograph, I loved to feel like I will be again; a great reminder isn't always in my eyes. She is a home and a night, in only talent but strives to begin with courage. I caught myself a little empire builder. Annabelle is power but one who has endless art. My interest in such a spirited love for grace is now being taunted more satisfyingly. Beautiful, inside, I have to say, I was deeply watching a man, really for me. From there, beauty and Annabelle loved seeing talk about he who is all creature, alive only for pleasure. Forever, unless you plan to lose 'brave enough', the same old beauty has that much good and understanding that we will not have dread in charge of now. The house of spoken words, like striking rain, balancing the clean lines and magical sun showers. Back when forces created us, who were born out of terrible times, young names proved themselves, only to be the ten names that make up the joke that had become like the spirit. Be the generation of inspiration, regardless of whether they came to November. Meanwhile, our appetite can always be found, not only in our story but when I feared abandonment. I responded as she did: with tears after a friend wrote a letter explaining why we should start seeing each other never afterward. I could get through only by pretending I chose her story's end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I made the using only the words on a page from a magazine and only in the order they came on the page.

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