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Society's Fried Chicken


When I think of fried chicken,

I can’t help but start licking                               

my lips with anticipation,

So you can imagine my devastation

when I was told,

(At only six years old)

That I was not allowed it anymore.

Because society suddenly said chicken was not allowed.

And no one understood why

that all I did was cry

due to the fact that I

liked something that society was against.

It didn’t make sense to my six year old brain

Why anybody would try to restrain

another person from being content,

And take away their freedom without their consent.

Of course when I grew up I finally understood

that sometimes people did things just because they could,

And to this day I still can’t find

A person with a completely sinless mind.

Because we are all monsters of greed for power

we let our demons cause us to become sour-

towards others that we are meant to show love

But their love in return would never be enough.

So we fight and we destroy every good thing we see

and then wonder why we have to desperately try,


to piece our world back together…. Oh the damage we have caused.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not really sure what this is, I attempted to write a poem about chicken and then it developed into something completely different.