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Seeing the snow 
falling seeing the snowflakes 
Seeing the snow falling 
seeing the snowflakes 
sparking is so calming 
I love seeing the snow 
falling and my dog playing 
in the snow I playing in the 
snow with my dog seeing 
the sunset after going 
skiing is so beautiful I love 
going skiing is fun winter 
is my 2 favorite season 
© Amanda Kay Hill 

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A soft white canvas for angel wings to unfold,

Like a sweet sonnet great poets foretold,

Soft canvas for white springs to become whole,

With each flake unique as the human soul.


Gentle snow, how you messed my yard,

Summer regrets the moment winter sparred,

This small miracle covers my well nurtured greenery,

I dance with the spade to unravel this ceremony.


Gentle snow, barer of white jewels of the sky,

My yard is a festive of wonder for the eye,

My heart warms as my beautiful flower sleeps,

A white paradise of icy warmth and sorrow sweeps.


Gentle snow, my heart is marveled by this winter gold,

Spring waits for the release of your crimson hold,

This beautiful invisible design no eye ever sees,

A forgotten tune travelers hum upon a breeze.


Gentle snow, you reminisce of wasted dreams,

Your icy reign will soon fade as summer streams,

This canvas shall deteriorate and become old,

Like a precious painting, which was never sold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"the tired spade now rest as the children play, as if they owned an entire carnival for the day..."

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Snow Flakes

Each one spirals down

With ballarina twils

They land precariously on thousadn little arms

They trees balance with so much weight

Strength unseen

The rest fall




Straight to the ground

Where careless feet and mindless meet

As they are scooped up in a dangerously warm caress

Just to be packed and proded into a ball

then thrown, to hit and fall

reuniting with those on the ground

each one unique and complete

It's own little snow flake


They dance and dazzle and swirl

As the wind puffs

and they life their tiny arms up to catch you if you were to fall

they play in the chilled world, jumping onto unsuspecting victims

But slowly, as the sun rises

they cry out as they see the rays of warmth and love

the more they sob the more they disapear

they sloth now with ever step

trying to hold you up but not strong enough

and they bawl all the more

just to fall into rivers and wells

So they can stay and watch the run rise again. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

XD I thought I would try a bit of a happier poem. Not sure how well it worked but there you go. 

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