Smart Phone

Smart Phone

 My Nokia Lumia 630, the smart phone,

Is smart not in words alone,

What magnetises me most truly,

Is the built-in MS Word utility.


No matter wherever,

I am I can effortlessly enter,

The world of literature,

And other vital sites faster.


I am in love with my smart phone,

It has turned into a faithful companion,

That I can exclusively rely on,

A wonderful device that never lets me bemoan.


It is almost like our planet!

Containing in it roughly the whole lot,

Whenever I have an awful mood,

The very cell phone makes it instantly good.

Yet it must also be said,

Smart phone ceases to be smart without a smart head,

Since like Aladdin’s magic lamp the apt way to handle it,

Can put on display what we fervently long to meet.


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