Birds Of A Feather




I needed a ride home,

And called,

But     were not there.


Oh the rent is due 

Every month on the 5th,

And     are supposed be paying half.


    were on vacation somewhere,

    didn't leave a trace,

And I thought     may have died at one point,

I just cashed the check.


So cool to have a friend like    ,

We tell each other some things,

But the way     are, it's hard to be completely honest.


Some might say it's a miracle

    and I have been friends as long we have,

And btw, sure hope     get the message.

Nothing is for sure with    ,

I am supposed to be meeting 

Someone for lunch,

So I have to bail out on our date.


Can't wait to meet this guy!

He sounds so much like    !!





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some fun with futurism... lol.

Like attracts like,    know???


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