sibling rivalry

Ode to My Sister (pt 2)


I'm sick of your existence
The air your lungs waste
Everything about you
I want to kick you in the face

Every word you speak
Is seeping through your lies
Every cell in your body
Is soaked in my despise

You harm everyone around you
Yet cry "victim" every time
Using everyone for their good hearts
You've used up all of mine

YOU act like you're innocent
With a rap sheet 10 miles long
You have to abuse the System
Cuz you dare not get a job

Aww you have an illness
Boohoo, your fat ass can't work all day?
That's sad, you got bipolar,
Fibromyalgia, and what else did you say?

You lie about your kids
Blaming everyone but YOU
If only you acted like their mother
Instead of doing the shit you do

You can't survive on your own
So you jump from guy to guy
You'll be stupid and pig headed
Until the day you die

It's sad you turned to me
To help you when no one would
And then you told another lie
You really got me good

But that can't happen again
Cuz you are dead to ME
I no longer give a shit
About the air you breathe

I don't care what you do
Just leave me the hell alone
No forgiveness here for you
Don't dial up my phone

Don't try to write me letters
I don't communicate with the dead
If you show up, I'll feel better
If I kick you in the head

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are no words to describe my sister Beth accurately. The shit she does is not even on a human level. God, help me forgive her! God, help her!

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