The guy opens the refridgerater,

Popped open a can of beer,

Guzzled it down in one gulp,

Grinned at Cesare' and says,

So, you're the new guy.

Cesare' was flaberghasted.

I could have let you live.

If you have just broke in,

But being you drank my last beer,

Surely, you must die.

Eyes and ears ,pal,

The guy said.

Then disappeared.

Cesare' stepped outside.

There was a hurricane.

He scamppered up the side of it,

Belly surfed across the top,

Dived into the sea,

And swam like a shark,

Back to the shore.

Everything was wrecked,

Except for his house.


He yelled so loud,

Even the hurricane stopped.

Now where am I to get more beer?

He rolled over and went to sleep.

i've been watching you.

i think i can help.

do you accept my help?

now or never.

so, you're the new guy.


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