shallow heart

The Best of Me; is dying...

Loneliness becomes comforting when
every heart I have loved never loved
in return...
Shallowness is absorbed with ease
and care free after the heart is broken
Emotions become vulgar, every feeling
is obsolete; what once was important
to me has lost value and worth...
Convincing me that I am like the
father I have never known, but knows
he was a womanizer; it is probably
meant to be...
I chose love, but love did not chose
me--time is against me, and the only
advice I receive is from those whom
have found true love...that is expect-
ed from them!!
I will continue to ramble down this
highway of loneliness with pride and
prejudice, love will come and go, get
it on the run, one-night stands are
common; no-strings attached, only
I gave the best of my best
is dying, and I welcome it's departing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the best of me has no love to give anymore...

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